The Beginning

     Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Dramatic, but slightly true too.  Let me introduce myself.  I am a mother of three young children: one-year-old boy, two-year-old boy, and six-year-old girl.  They keep me very busy.  I am also twice married, once divorced.  I am twenty-six, almost twenty-seven.  I work part-time at Gamestop and full-time at home taking care of my children.  I also am currently a part-time student, soon to be full-time.

     I started college right out of high school at George Mason University.  Life got in the way and I withdrew to focus on work.  I was a store manager for two years before taking time off to coach a high school varsity volleyball team.  Now, I’m back to retail.  Emphasis on the “now”.  

     I’m determined to finally finish my degree as it weighs heavily on me that one of my main goals for my life has not yet occurred, especially at my age.  Yes, I know, I’m relatively young.  Even still, I am not where I want to be.  In my pursuit of a college degree, I have begun attending community college.  It’s going well.  I’m five classes away from completing my transfer degree, which would allow me to be guaranteed a transfer to a four-year state university (thanks to my 4.0 GPA and required courses).  Thanks to my English classes (shout-out to my professor, Kathy May!), I’ve rediscovered my passion for writing.  Hence, this blog.  

     I recently found out that the mother of my daughter’s friend is a YA writer.  She was featured on a writing website.  She offered some advice to future authors: write for thirty minutes each day.  As I’ve begun to envision myself as a burgeoning author, I’ve decided to take her advice.  Again, hence this blog.  My goal is to write thirty minutes a day (at least) and you, my readers (if you exist), shall accompany me on my adventure.  You shall witness my triumphs and my failures (of which there will be many) as long as I stay on this road.  Come along and ride with me!


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