I’ve already failed

  I said the goal was to write thirty minutes a day. If you can read dates, you might have noticed that my last (first) post was two days ago.  Ouch.  Barely started and I’ve already failed my own mission.  To be fair, I had every intention of writing yesterday, but when I logged into WordPress, I spent twenty minutes sampling themes so that this blog is visually satisfying.  I still couldn’t get it quite right and then True Blood came on so that was that.  Because after True Blood, we watch The Strain.  Then it’s bedtime because I have young children that exhaust me and that wake up around six in the morning.  That’s excluding any night wakings that may occur, further disrupting my sleep.

Today will be more successful.  In fact, it already is.  I created a post on my original blog “Hey, So Today” on Blogspot talking about this writing project and blog.  After typing that, I’m wondering what kind of formatting a blog title requires.

PS. This post will show up today although it was written yesterday.  I left it unfinished, planning on writing more, and then I forgot about it until this morning.  Not an uncommon practice of mine.


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