Yesterday the dentist

Yesterday I went to the dentist and wrote a blog post about it on my other blog “Hey, so today”.   Before going to bed, I wrote a poem about my dentist visit.  It just popped in my head as I laid in bed (rhyme mostly intentional).  I ended up typing it in Google docs because somehow I forgot my password for WordPress.  Not sure what happened, but I reset it this morning so here I am.  Below is my dentist poem from last night:




I went to the dentist

The dentist, you say?

Yes, the dentist. I said.

What did he say?

Was it good? Was it bad?

Did you have lots of plaque?

Um, it was good, I guess.

If you can say that 

about the dentist.

Plaque, why do you ask?

What an awkward thing to ask.

It’s the dentist.  Of course, there’s plaque.

Less so, still no

Pass for the next

dental checkup.


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