Today a little girl had a party.  She invited seven of her friends to join her at a cake shop off of West Main Street.  This bakery was like no other bakery in town.  It was removed from the main drag, about fifty feet back from the road.  From the outside it appeared as a hut made of metal and glass.  Reflections peek back across the front of the building in big rectangular windows supported by a metallic frame.  It’s like an old gas station with robin’s egg blue paint.  There’s a small black and white awning over the door with the bakery’s name emblazoned on the front.

Inside the door were all sorts of sweet treats: candy, cakes, and cupcakes of all colors.  They had gummi worms, gummi bears, even gummi lips.  There were block shaped sweet tarts, rock candy sticks, and unicorn horn striped lollipops.  Everything looked tasty and very sugary. 

Down a hall and to the left, past a counter with bar stools overlooking the bakers at work, there are benches in corners and couches in a sitting area.  There is a small area that is walled off with sliding doors thrown open.  Inside are seven girls sitting at a square table with three mothers, one father, and one party planner provided by the bakery for events.  One little girl with short brown hair walks in and sits down with the others.  She knows no one other than the birthday girl.  The other girls don’t seem to know each other either.  Some are buddies from camp, classmates from school, and others are fellow gymnasts from gymnastics class.

The girls squeal with delight as they are given cupcakes to decorate.  One to eat and one to take home.  They squeeze buttercream, strawberry and chocolate frosting onto first marble then chocolate cupcakes.  Finally they add sprinkles and jimmies.  At last their masterpieces are complete.  


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