Practice Makes Perfect

They say that “practice makes perfect”.  We’ve all heard it a million times and we say it just as often to our own children, but how often do we “practice what we preach” (pun intended)?  I am guilty of this very common fallacy.  I say I’m going to do something, but rarely follow through.  However, I have a tendency of doing this, or rather not doing, only when it affects something I want.  For example, this blog, or even writing in general.  I had a passion for writing as a child and still have my journals, notebooks, and creative writing assignments from school.  After I started working though, writing never even crossed my mind.  I was too busy.  Now that I’m older and I’ve climbed the management ladder, I want to do something more productive with my time.  Making money is productive, but hardly fulfilling.

In seeking a degree, I’ve wrestled with choosing the right major.  I try to evaluate my passions and cross-reference careers that would provide some financial stability.  Painting: outdated (unless it’s computer generated); photography: requires additional facility; acting: ridiculously impossible; writing: too time-consuming with too little profit.  To be honest, I don’t habitually engage in any of those hobbies.  Can they even be considered passions?

The one thing I know for certain is that I love my children.  I am passionate about my children.  They are the reason I feel so compelled to acquire a financially secure position that does not require me to go to work within an hour of calling me for the purpose of selling a product that serves no benefit to anyone.  They are the reason I can’t get a degree that fails to provide me with a career, even if I love it.

Here’s the thing, I always feel that the dreams I have are too difficult or unrealistic to achieve, and yes, I may have a point.  I probably will never live in Costa Rica and study sea turtles for an income; however, I can write.  Perhaps I won’t earn a living, but maybe I can do something important.  Maybe I can provide some experience that may benefit someone.  I’ll never know until I try.  The only way I’ll try is by doing, by writing.  That can only occur through practice.


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