Five things

Don’t know how I never noticed before, but there is a daily prompt located here:  That would be an excellent way to ensure that I actually write a little every day.

The prompt for today is a to-do list of five things that you’d like to change in your life and a post about the day all five are accomplished.

My list:

  1. Choosing a major (because I need to stop being indecisive)
  2. Getting a job I feel really good about (no offense to current job–don’t fire me!)
  3. Regaining my confidence (it got lost somewhere along the way)
  4. Actually organizing my house (trust me, it would be a life-changing event)
  5. Saying no and meaning it

I’d like to believe that I will be happy the day that those things have been accomplished, but like getting married, having children, and buying a house, everything worth having comes with some amount of work, and likely some anxiety as well.  Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that I will accomplish those five things (and sooner, rather than later).


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