Legitimately, I wrote today

Today I am on a roll.  I just completed a seven paragraph post about my experience with the new Bungie game, Destiny.  I also worked on my story about my son and his bedtime.  If you didn’t notice, I also responded to the Daily Post on WordPress.  Overall, it’s been a productive day of writing for me.

I’m feeling extremely positive about my writing now that I’m starting to do it.  I think that the more I write, the better I will feel too because as I was typing, I found myself getting more descriptive and more sensory as I fell into the material.  I have a feeling that the more often I write, and the more lengthier my product, the more successful it will be.  What do I have to lose anyway?

Even though I doubt my interest in writing (truthfully, I doubt most things about myself), the more I engage in it, the more confident I become.  Eventually, my content will reflect that confidence and will communicate my passion more clearly.  It’s time to stop writing for everyone else and remember that the true purpose of this blog is to keep me honest and to encourage me to practice my craft.  It feels weird to call it that, but until I treat it like I would painting or any other passion of mine, it will remain a fantasy, and a faint one at that.

Here’s the link to the other post, if you’re interested: http://heysotoday.blogspot.com/2014/09/destiny-game-not-philosophical-power.html

Here’s a few lines from my kids story:

“Night, night, MaMa”

“Night, night” to baby brother and big sister.

DaDa follows after

Flop, flop, flop, go padded feet up the stairs.


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