Missed Opportunity

On Tuesday I missed a great writing opportunity.  I was feeling discouraged (more on that another time) and I wasn’t sure why.  Overall I was just dissatisfied, with school, work, life.  I walked around during the hour and a half that I have between classes, not really sure what to do with myself.  I ended up going outside past the designated smoking spot and down a path towards a patio.  This patio area had rocking chairs, picnic tables, and arches with ivy.  It was like I discovered the secret garden.  There was even a volleyball court back there.  It was empty, but it exists, which is something.  The tables and rockers were under some trees; I can’t say which ones, but they were overlooking the mountains that surround the school.  The sun was out.  It wasn’t too hot or cool, just right with a slight breeze blowing through.  I sat at one of the tables looking at the vista and tried to convince myself that things weren’t that bad.  I longed for my chromebook that I had accidentally left at home.  I wrote nothing.  I ended up doing some statistics homework some time later, but I did not write anything.  Why?  Because I didn’t have a computer?  Ridiculous.  I prefer writing with pen on paper, but the thought never occurred to me.  What a missed opportunity that was.


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