Interesting things about writing

The other day I was feeling particularly enterprising so I did some reading for my Lit class and started writing a short story based around this feeling I had.  Every once in a while you have these days where you just want to pack a suitcase and run away from your life, a vacation from the day to day minutiae–or maybe that’s just me. 

I started thinking what my son, who is two, might think if he woke up one day and Mommy was gone.  Then I added a few years to the character’s age in the story, more like my daughter’s, so his theories could be fanciful,  but also comprehensible.  I ended up getting fixated on the idea of Mommy going into space on an alien ship.  Nothing scary, just fun thoughts like wondering if the spaceship has life jackets like a ship in the sea.

When I got to the part about the routine that Mommy is an integral part of, I unintentionally started rhyming and had to break out of it before I had a poem halfway through my story.  Maybe because I was tired or maybe I was being lazy, I decided to write a separate poem later using what I had already written and expanding on it. 

Which brings me to today.  I set out with the intention of doing just that, but for whatever reason, I didn’t feel it.  I know writers are supposed to push through and do it anyway, but I have the sense that I’m better off leaving things in their present form then separating and reworking them another day.  At least the words are out there.


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