As usual, an idea (several ideas about different things) popped into my head while trying to fall asleep.  I assume this happens because it is the one time that I am not surrounded by either my children or technology such as the television or my 3DS.  I had this idea a while back, but at the time I dismissed it.  I have been thinking about self-publishing a book of poems.

When I was younger, like nine, I was assigned a poetry assignment titled “I am”.  The idea was to write a poem about who you are.  Write about the things you like, how you feel, your dreams for the future, whatever.  You were also supposed to create a book with a cover that you design with watercolors for your future poems.  I completed this assignment and for the next few years, placed typed, finished poems into this book.  I still have it after all these years.

Now a book of child’s poetry doesn’t sound like much, but it could be.  Remember when you were young?  Your ideas were so grand until life beat them into tiny cubes.  These poems have the perspective of a child.  Yes, they also have the skill of a child, but who’s to say that they were not artfully written?  What if we included later poems?  Wouldn’t that be interesting.  You could see the evolution of a writer, of a person.

My biggest concern–besides someone stealing this idea–is that poetry is often overlooked.  It is often shorter, seemingly simplistic depending on how much you rhyme and what words you’re rhyming with, but it can be more poignant, more insightful than the three hundred page novel.

Maybe this is just a crazy middle of the night thought, but maybe it’s the beginning of a great idea.